Breakfast Menu [7:00 am - Noon]

     “As long as Romance eludes me I will count on Tomaselli’s

Delicious Coffee & Gastric Wonders to keep up my Strength and

Preserve my Everlasting Beauty” – Auntie Ann’s Motto


New Breakfast Menu


#1  Breakfast Burrito (bacon, ham or veggies), eggs, potatoes onions, peppers, salsa & cheese             $9.50


#2  Breakfast Sandwich  (bacon or ham), eggs, cheddar cheese, whole wheat, sourdough or croissant  $8.50

#3  2 Bacon, 2 Eggs & Toast    (whole wheat, sourdough, rye, English or bran muffin)                               $7.95

#4  Meat & 2 Eggs  bacon, sausage or ham with taters and choice of toast                                             $11.95


#5  Marty’s Omelet  Italian sausage, mushrooms, olives, onions, bell peppers,

                     Mozzarella Cheese & fresh tomato toast & taters                                                                              $13.95


#6  Green Eggs & Cheddar  eggs scrambled with spinach, fresh garlic and cheddar and toast              $7.50


#7  Green Eggs & Ham spinach, ham, garlic, sherry & swiss scrambled topped with

                     sour cream & almonds  with toast & taters                                                                            $13.95        


#8  Greek Scramble spinach, garlic, Nicoise olives, red onions, capers & Feta cheese

                     with choice of toast & taters                                                                                                  $13.95                                         

#9   Smoked Salmon Scramble spinach, smoked salmon, mushrooms, red onions &                  

                     cream cheese, choice of toast & taters                                                                                             $14.95                            


#10  Garden Veggies & Eggs  Our vegetables grilled with fresh garlic topped with 2 eggs

                        any style, toast & taters                                                                                                      $12.95


#11  Biscuits or Home Fried Taters & Gravy  some say “the best sausage gravy ever”                             $8.50


#12  Hotcakes & Eggs  homemade whole wheat hotcakes, 2 eggs & 2 strips bacon                                $9.50


#13  French Toast   French bread, sourdough or whole wheat, your choice                                               $8.95


                                                 Ask about our Breakfast Specials  


    If you want to order something we used to do just ask we will do our best to make it happen  



                                      Order up a delicious Latte or Mocha with Breakfast